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All  French Resource Center trainers are dynamic language teachers with expertise and background in an international business environment. In addition to their experience and skills in the classroom, they are selected for their professionalism, integrity, and sensitivity to the needs of students at all levels.

Bernadette Hoefer 
A native French and German citizen, Bernadette Hoefer graduated with a M.A. from Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz (Germany) where she studied English, French, and Spanish languages and literatures. While teaching French and English language and literature classes at the University of Mainz, she worked for GOAL, Inc., an institution providing intensive language training for corporate leaders to be relocated to France or England. She taught individual and group sessions for Coty, Inc., and for the Margaret Astor team located in Mainz (a subdivision of Maybelline). Her work experience also includes various translations (German-French or German-English) for the ZDF, the second largest public TV station in Germany, located in Mainz. She is currently completing a doctorate at Rutgers University.

Marie-Josée Kinkingnehun
Born and raised in Paris, Marie-Josée Kinkingnehun attended the Lycée Français de Bruxelles (Belgium) and graduated from the Université du Maine (France). She also studied at the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises in Rouen (France) and on a scholarship at Penn State University. She was an intern with American Express in Paris and a translator for Bonnaig & Associates in New York. She now teaches French at K-12 level in Princeton and sits on the French Resource Center's Advisory Committee. With roots in Africa, Marie-Josée Kinkingnehun has a keen interest in francophone cultures.

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