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Beginner 1
Focuses on the acquisition of basic French while concentrating on the situations and vocabulary needs of someone working in a French business environment. Active practice in selected business related dialogues and the introduction of some intercultural elements are provided. By the end of the session, participants can understand simple oral and written information and can communicate within a learned context using simple vocabulary and short sentences. 

Beginner 2
Focuses on vocabulary building in a business context. Aims at developing participants' communication skills in the workplace. By the end of the session, participants can respond to direct questions and follow a series of simple oral and written directions, commands and requests related to social and business interactions. False beginners would start at this level, as well as individuals who tested successfully out of "Beginner 1".

Intermediate 1
Focus is on a greater acquisition of business vocabulary and exposure to a wider range of business interactions. Participants improve their communication and cultural skills related to social and business situations. By the end of the session, they are able to give simple information  on self, daily and business activities using the present and past tenses. They can also ask appropriate questions on selected topics and respond to e-mail and fax inquiries.  

Intermediate 2
Focus is on the continued acquisition of business vocabulary and a greater comprehension of intercultural negotiation and non-verbal communication. By the end of the session, participants are capable of using basic tenses to ask a variety of social and business related questions and can handle uncomplicated spontaneous communicative tasks both orally and in writing in the business and social environment.

Advanced level
Participants at the advanced level will continue to perfect their speaking and listening skills. They will be able to participate actively in formal and informal business and social situations and speak easily on a variety of topics related to the past, present and future. They will be understood by native speakers without difficulty. At this level more emphasis will be placed on the reading and analysis of business texts, and translation skills will be developed. Writing skills will also be refined.

Participants are pre-assessed for each level. They can repeat levels when evaluation suggests it is desirable to do so.

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