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French for Corporate Solutions is supported by state-of-the-art facilities and technology at the Rutgers University Language Institute.

Digital language laboratory
The digital language laboratory allows trainers to create multimedia exercises and digital assessment units for use in supervised group lab sessions. On their own, trainees can listen to audio clips, watch video segments, complete listening comprehension exercises and record themselves to improve their pronunciation. 

Media classroom
This ultramodern classroom is equipped with the latest multimedia applications, including a teacher-controlled computer station with integrated VCR, DVD, CD players, and a document camera. An LCD projector permits easy presentation of video, computer programs and interactive television.

Videoconferencing capabilities
Multipoint videoconferencing capabilities are available in the media classroom and in an adjacent classroom / conference room. Videoconferencing can be used to conduct teleconferences overseas and within the United States. 

International satellite and cable TV
The Institute receives numerous international TV channels from all over the world. These broadcasts can be viewed at all the lab stations as well as in the media classroom and conference room.

Technical services
Recording, duplicating, digitizing, and digital-editing applications are available at the Institute, as well as video tape editing capabilities to handle NTSC / PAL / SECAM TV system conversions. 

The Language Institute provides administrative, clerical and technical support for the University's outreach programs with a staff of three language professionals, an administrative assistant, a computer support technologist, an audiovisual technician, plus a large part-time staff of graduate assistants.


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