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Beginner 1 & 2
Participants receive a certificate from Rutgers University after the final assessment of their language skills.

Intermediate and advanced levels
Participants take the TCF ("Test de Connaissance du Français"). 

Test de Connaissance du Français 
The TCF is the French Government's test of French language ability. It is a language placement test for non-native speakers of French who wish to obtain a simple, effective and precise evaluation of their general language skills for professional or personal reasons. The TCF is structured as a comprehensive test of French language ability. It is fully standardized and calibrated. It is built around a rigorous test methodology in order to provide a precise grading of proficiency. Test scores provide an accurate benchmark of the candidate's language ability using a six-level proficiency scale. 

The TCF  is recognized by French university authorities as well as by university-level language centers and institutions specialized in French language learning in France and around the world. The grading scale used to evaluate candidates' language proficiency has been translated into eleven languages in order to give education institutions and employers a precise benchmark of the certificate holder's abilities.

The French Resource Center is an accredited testing center for the "Test de Connaissance du Français". More information on the TCF is available on the website of the CIEP ("Centre International d'Etudes Pédagogiques") at http://www.ciep.fr/tcf/index.htm.

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