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The French Resource Center sponsors and organizes a wide range of projects to support learning and access to the French language and francophone cultures. 

A collaborative effort of Rutgers University and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, the Center is based on the belief that speaking a foreign language and opening up to other cultures are indispensable tools for future generations to understand the diverse and global world they live in, and to achieve success in it. 

Opened in 2002, the Center develops programs for the benefit of the educational, corporate, and cultural communities of the State of New Jersey. The Resource Center is located in the Rutgers University FAS Language Institute and draws upon the extensive resources of the University, including its state-of-the-art New Brunswick language laboratories.

Corporate Language Training and Trans-Cultural Synergies
The Center supports international business opportunities for New Jersey citizens and companies by developing and implementing programs, services, and resources that advance understanding of France and French-speaking areas of the world. These programs support both practical activities in business and international cross-cultural understanding. For American corporations trading in French-speaking countries or French companies with branches in New Jersey, the Center offers a wide range of tailored courses. Training covers areas such as acculturation, language mastery, specialized language skills (social, technical, business, presentation, and negotiation) and business correspondence.

For information on the other missions and activities of the French Resource Center, visit http://frenchrc.rutgers.edu.

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