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   Teachers' Corner

Let's play !

Ces 2 activités sont proposées par Anne Reverseau, TA à Rutgers University.

“Let's be journalists!”

Level Advanced
Resource Video tape of the news, or a part of it.

Listening, revision of past tenses, culture.


Work in groups of 3 or 4.Il s’agit de travailler par groupe de 3 ou 4 Students have to sum up the information they have seen, reformulate et give an account (one person per group will be designated as the speaker).

Play the news recording for the whole class once, or only the summary.

Play the video a secnd time and allow students to take notes.

Then, working in groups and within 10 minutes, students gather information and write a summary. The teacher can add some difficulties by requirement specific grammatical contents to be incorporated (past tenses, etc.)

Finally, the speakers of each group give a presentation of the news. It is even funnier to play the situation (lightining, catch- phrase, imitation of the voice, etc.)


“Answering machine ”

Level Advanced, Intermediary
Resource None

Revision of question forms, vocabulary, encouraging speech.


The teacher is a robot which only answwers grammatically correct questions. With advanced students, the teache may add difficulties (only negative questions, etc.)

This little activity is very efficient since students are very interested into their teachers' lives so even the students who do not usually speak in the classroom do so and focus on their grammar.

Very useful too so that students can correct each other and explain why the sentences are not grammatically correct.

Very funny if the teacher imitates the voice of a robot.


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