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General overview
French immersion in the United-States
The national and international network for immersion

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The Language Immersion Approach

Language immersion means a program in which the usual curriculum activities are conducted in a second language which is the medium of instruction rather than the object of instruction. There are variables in immersion programs as to the amount of time each day spent in the second language. In total immersion programs the second language is used for the entire school day during the first two or three years of the program. Students who go through the entire sequence of an elementary immersion program are able to communicate in the second language on topics appropriate to their age level. In addition to the goal of functional proficiency in the second language, immersion programs have as a further goal, the mastery of subject content material which is taught through the second language.

French Immersion Programs in the United States

There are approximately 40 French Immersion Programs in the United States, in other words, there are 40 public school districts which offer instruction through a French Immersion program. In total, there are more than 100 schools involved, 12000 students and 600 teachers and assistants. Registration varies from one school to the other, please contact the Program Coordinators for each school should you need further information.

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